These Photos of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are Making Me Feel All the Feels, Including Anxiety and Depression!

Unless you've been living under a rock, inside a cave, underwater, you know that Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are pretty much America's royal couple at this point, and I couldn't be happier! If a unicorn made pop songs, and also was half-kitten, she'd be Grande.  

Yaas Queen! 

Yaas Queen! 



And this is Pete Davidson. He's on a little show. Maybe you've heard of it: Saturday Night Live. 

Davidson looks like he probably smells real bad, but in a way that makes him even hotter:


These two are basically the two most adorable human beings ever, and when they hooked up their combined adorableness ripped a hole in the space-continuum and made my brain explode with joy. I mean look at this pic of them on a roller coaster. Can you even stand it?


I know what you're probably thinking: the only thing that could make this dynamic duo cuter would be if they dressed like Harry Potter. Well, guess what? Your prayers have been answered! 


When it comes to PDAs, Grande and Davidson are pretty much the all-time champions, Fucc Boi Number one and the quirky Disney Princess.


Can you even stand it? No, you cannot, so don't blame us if these pics make you orgasm instantaneously.


Yes, these photos are making me feel all the feels, including crippling depression over the precarious nature of a "career" cranking out cynical, GIF-intensive clickbait lists in a desperate attempt to generate enough page-views and advertising revenue for my employers to remain in business for another month. 

Looking at the happy faces of these two human memes reminds me that every day I could wake up to an email informing me that my ridiculous job generating brainless fluff for a passive and largely contemptuous audience could be terminated with a tensely worded email or the entire website could be shut down due to managerial incompetence or an ill-advised corporate merger. 

Every new flick of the pop star and the comedian highlights our culture's pathological obsession with youth, attractiveness and celebrity and contempt for people who are not young, sexy, rich or famous, like me and all of my coworkers.


In the mile-wide grins of these callow celebrities who will almost assuredly break up by the end of the year I'm made newly aware of our culture's warped values. 

Whenever I force myself to be charmed by these two, I'm reminded that despite an expensive, prestigious education I actually make an already idiotic and superficial online realm even stupider, and that my employers see me as nothing more than a disposable content producer who can be replaced at any moment by someone younger, cheaper and more malleable. 



Shots of Davidson and Grande living the high life make me think about how I don't have health insurance and even a single medical emergency could bankrupt me but I can't afford to see a psychiatrist who might treat my Depression and Anxiety. 

Yes, these totes adorable pics are giving me life, or at least allowing me to forget the terrible, anxiety and fear-riddled life I actually lead for the fleetest of moments.


And if that's not enough for me to dub this couple King and Queen Awesome, I don't know what is!


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