Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #41: Three's a Crowder (with Andrew Jupin)


This week on the podcast, Nathan and Clint talk about two very different kinds of monsters — the fictional beasties of Godzilla, King of the Monsters and the very real monster behind the tone-deaf anti-comedies The Test and Loqueesha, Jeremy Saville. One levels buildings and pulls high-tension wires down, and the other makes deeply strange, misguidedly offensive screeds about how women shouldn’t be trusted and how hard it is for white men to get ahead in the entertainment business. Which of them is king of the monsters? As Ken Watanabe would say, “Let them fight.”

Amidst the rubble, we also pick up We Hate Movies’ Andrew Jupin, who finally overcame some Internet difficulties to jump into our recording sesh! (He drops in about an hour into the cast if you wanna hear him.)

6:00 - Scalding Hot Takes: Godzilla: King of the Monsters
36:38 - The Test, Loqueesha and What the Hell is Wrong with Jeremy Saville?
1:35:43 - Mailbag
1:42:41 - Happy Places

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