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Exploiting our Archives, Paternity Leave Edition: Women Hating Women: The Toxic Anti-Feminism of Self-Help Guru Marabel Morgan

The fascinatingly, poignantly terrible anti-feminist Marabel Morgan wrote the best-selling non-fiction book of 1974 in The Total Woman (with some ten million copies in print) and appeared on the cover of both Time and Mrs. Why has she been forgotten and why do her ideas suddenly feel so horrifyingly contemporary?

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Tony Shalhoub Loudly Critiqued Avengers: Infinity War And I, a Real Moviegoer to Whom This Real Thing Totally Happened, Have all the Deets! (That’s Young Person Talk for ‘Details’)

In a crazy, not at all fake or made up stroke of luck, Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place ended up watching Avengers: Infinity War in a theater with a very chatty, possibly insane Tony Shalhoub. Want to know what totally real, insanely viral things he said and did? Then click! Click, dammit! We beseech you, weary reader, to click as if your very life depends on it!

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