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A Spider-Man That Fucks My World of Flops Case File #133/My Year of Flops II #30 Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Sam Raimi’s famously disastrous third Spider-Man movie, featuring Tobey McGuire as a disco-dancing Emo web-slinger and a bleached blonde Eddie Haskell Venom is a goddamn mess but also surprisingly entertaining and weird, particularly in this era of cookie-cutter superhero sequels.

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The Butterfly Defect My World of Flops Case File # 132/My Year of Flops II # 29: A Sound of Thunder (2005)

I finally tackle one of the biggest all-time flops, Peter Hyams’ disastrous, almost impressively inept 2005 adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s A Sound of Thunder starring a woefully miscast Edward Burns as a Big Deal Scientist and Ben Kingsley as a capitalist anti-Christ with a thick mane of snow-white hair.

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My World of Flops A Dirk Pitt Misadventure Case File #131/My Year of Flops II #28 Sahara (2005)

Our obsessive coverage of the failed films of Matthew McConaughey continues with a look at Sahara, a 2005 mega-bomb that pitted crazed pulp novelist and world-class egotist Clive Cussler against his producers. With bonus information involving co-star William H. Macy’s horny collegiate van and non-existent boomerang collection!

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