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What to expect


The Weird Accordion To Al

I tackle the oeuvre of "Weird Al" on a chronological basis, covering a different song a day and weaving in autobiography and cultural criticism and my experiences as first an obsessive fan and then an adult collaborator.


This Looks Terrible

A lot of stuff looks terrible. This is a column devoted to this phenomenon. Readers and Patreon contributors can help choose terrible things to afflict me with. 

The Big Whoop

The personal blog and daily musings of writer Nathan Rabin.


Trumpterpiece Theater

Trumpterpiece Theater is a monthly column exploring Donald Trump on film, from short, forgettable cameos in forgotten films to slightly more memorable cameos in slightly better movies.


Ask A Juggalo!

I’m a dad and a Juggalo, so I pretty much know everything. This is an advice column where I get to finally take advantage of my wealth of specialized knowledge.

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