About Nathan RabiN

Author appears less glowery in real life. 

I’m not as interested in anything as much as Nathan Rabin is interested in everything.
— Chuck Klosterman
Smart and funny
— -Mindy Kaling, The New Yorker
— John Green


Nathan Rabin coined the phrase Manic Pixie Dream Girl, co-wrote the coffee table book of his childhood hero “Weird Al” Yankovic and has written for the A.V Club longer than anyone else, with a career stretching back two decades. He’s also written five books: The Big Rewind, My Year Of Flops, Weird Al: The Book, You Don’t Know Me But You Don’t Like Me (which was named a “Best Book of the Year” by both Slate and Rolling Stone, which gave the book a four star review), and, most recently, 7 Days In Ohio: Trump, the Gathering of the Juggalos and the Summer Everything Went Insane, which was just released in a hugely expanded version. Rabin was also a panelist on Movie Club With John Ridley, a show hosted by Oscar-winning 12 Years A Slave screenwriter. He’s sung onstage with They Might Be Giants, attended five Gathering of the Juggalos and thirty-something Phish shows in addition to appearing on podcasts with the likes of Marc Maron, Scott Aukerman, Harris Wittels and the Sklar Brothers. He is currently a columnist at The A.V Club, Rotten Tomatoes, TCM Backlot and Splitsider and is working on a book about the video game and movie Postal and Donald Trump. He lives in Decatur with his dog and baby and wife and is trying his damnedest to learn how to drive. He’s trying, man. He really is.

Reviews of The Big Rewind

With his uncanny grasp of cultural zeitgeist, Rabin could unseat Chuck Klosterman as the slacker generation’s vital critical voice.
— Heeb Magazine
Nathan Rabin’s life reads like a fanboy’s collision with Dostoyevsky. Hilarious, sad, truthful memoir is compulsively readable.
— Roger Ebert
[Rabin] has packed [The Big Rewind], like a cannon, full of caustic wit and bruised feelings. The result is a lo-fi, sometimes crude book that is nonetheless more effective (and affecting) than it has any right to be.
— The New York Times
Nathan Rabin’s My Year of Flops is like watching a genius nurse a score of frightened, wounded baby birds back to life—a superhuman level of care and compassion lavished on That Which Never Had A Right To Exist. Truly brilliant.
— Patton Oswalt
An extremely funny and engaging book about how fandom provides people with surrogate families and a way to escape day-to-day banality.
— Rolling Stone ****
I Love This Book
— Harris Wittels