Introducing the First Episode of Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast! Episode #1 This Might Totally Suck


It is my distinct honor to welcome you to the very first episode of Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast. It is a new, biweekly podcast spin-off to Nathan Rabin's Happy Place featuring me, Nathan Rabin, and also my pal Clint Worthington of Alcohollywood

Here's a rundown of the segments in the first episode: 

00:45 - Introductions
06:30 - The March on Washington
28:34 - Scalding Hot Takes: Thor Ragnarok
47:22 - Harvey Weinstein/WTF is Wrong With Men?
1:02:35 - The Weird Accordion to Al
1:16:47 - Listener Mail
1:23:15 - Happy Places

We were running long, so we left a segment about Cannon film and Electric Boogaloo on the cutting room floor, where it will be accessible to anyone who pledges to the podcast. Yep, I'm funding this bad boy through Patreon, since that has worked out well for this site, and Clint and I will be splitting the money evenly. 

Huzzah! This is really exciting. I'm really happy with how the first episode turned out but it was my first time ever doing my own podcast, so there are some rough edges. I plan to talk a lot less in the upcoming episodes, and cut down on all the fucking profanity but for the most part this is a good indication of what the podcast will be like, albeit with a greater emphasis on bad movies going forward. 


Listen!  Tell friends! Subscribe, rate and review on iTunes! Pledge! Say nice things on social media! Literally anything you could do to spread awareness of our newfangled existence would be appreciated. I could not be more excited about launching this exciting new addition to Nathan Rabin's Happy Place.

Plus, stick around to the very end to hear (most of) my speech at the Juggalo March on Washington! 

UPDATE: We're on iTunes, baby! Give a listen, rate, review and subscribe!

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