What Candace Cameron looks like now won't make you feel any way at all!

Remember Full House? Of course you do. Those adorable Olsen twins! The girl who later became a tweaker. And who can forget that dude whose whole shtick was that he had a potty mouth despite playing a wholesome TV dad?

But Full House would't be Full House without Candace Cameron-Bure, who played D.J. Tanner. She was cute in Full House but here's what she looks like now: 

She looks pretty good, huh? Seems to have taken care of herself, although, honestly, why are you so interested in what she looks like now? Did you expect her to be a crust punk? Have a bunch of neck tattoos? Maybe grow a third arm? What kind of a shock or surprise did you really anticipate when you clicked onto this article? 

There's no reason at all for you to care about what Candace Cameron Bure looks like now beyond vague curiosity. Well, now you know what Candace Cameron Bure looks like now. I hope you're happy. 

Wait, actually the above image is from 2009, but she probably looks pretty much the same now and it's not even worth checking. 

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