Is My Soul Worth 100 Dollars? An Investigation

About a week ago or so I got an email from an ominous marketing entity involved with the shaving industry. The email said that because I have such a strong social media following that I was qualified to write a “sponsored post” for their company.

Would you take razor advice from this man?

Would you take razor advice from this man?

Would I potentially be interested in sacrificing what’s left of my dignity and artistic credibility for the sake of a paycheck? I honestly did not know but I was, at the very least, curious as to what this soulless corporate entity thought my integrity was worth. Because I am going to be brutally honest here: I really fucking love free stuff. And free money. 

Hell, I started an entire column here called “Stuff I Wrote About Because I Got It For Free” solely to promote the sending of free things to Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place’s corporate headquarters over at 

Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place World Headquarters 

1231 Church Street 

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Decatur, GA 


oh, and also because writing about that free stuff is creatively fulfilling, I guess? Hell, one of the things I miss most about working at The A.V Club was the free stuff I received. And at The A.V. Club some of the free stuff we received was ridiculous, like an all-expense-paid trip to Brazil to cover some cockamamie film festival as a guest of the Minister of Culture or an ounce of weed. 

I love getting free stuff, and during my regular moments of intense financial distress, selling some of the free stuff I have received has allowed me to do things like pay my mortgage and also my baby’s health insurance. 

So I am not, on any level, opposed to getting free stuff. But signing on to write a sponsored post seemed like it might be crossing a barrier that should not be crossed .Yet curiosity got the best of me so I filled out the application paperwork and a little later got an email with a concrete offer. 

This cat is cute, but grammatically incorrect

This cat is cute, but grammatically incorrect

The shaving company, which I will not name but rhymes with Schlilette, would pay me one hundred dollars and a free razor to give a glowing online review of their razor. But there were caveats, of course. I had to present the razor in a flattering and wholesome fashion. I could not, for example, brag about how using this razor allowed me to shave both a pentagram and 666 into both my pubic hair and my beard, and I only bled a little bit. And for some reason they didn’t want me to mention drugs or alcohol, or rivals such as Harry’s Shave Club (who actually fund a pop culture website I sometimes write for), or to mention that I’m only raving about a razor online because I’m being paid modestly to do so. 

Here’s the thing: I could use a hundred bucks. I can always use a hundred bucks. But my integrity and my relationship with my readers (that’s you beautiful, indulgent people) is worth, at the very least, one hundred and twenty seven dollars. So I would be selling myself short if I accepted their offer and their ground rules. 

It’s a good thing to know how much your self-respect is worth. It turns out it’s substantially more than a hundred dollars, and I write that as a man who regularly chooses projects because they’re sketchy and weird, like a long-ago gig ghost-writing a hip hop book for a pair of overwhelmed white teenagers or a Canadian panel show co-starring Jimmie “J.J” Walker and Erik Estrada. 

Besides, if I’m known for anything it’s the moral purity of my razor reviews and the integrity of my shaving commentary. I would be a fool to compromise my reputation as the world’s most upstanding razor critic solely for the sake of money. I will never lie to you about the razors I use or don’t use. That’s the Nathan Rabin promise!  

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