Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #6 - No Respect for Old Men


This week on the Cast, Clint and Nathan get through the January blues with Liam Neeson's punch-throwing insurance salesman in The Commuter, and gush about the filmmaking mastery of Edgar Wright's Baby Driver. We also celebrate the highs and lows of Rodney Dangerfield's career with his final film Angels with Angles and hit comedy album No Respect. Enjoy!

2:00 - Scalding Hot Takes: The Commuter
23:53 - Lukewarm Takes: Baby Driver
42:34 - Control Nathan and Clint: Angels with Angles
1:00:14 - Great Moments in Comedy: Rodney Dangerfield's No Respect
1:08:16 - Mailbag
1:12:12 - Happy Places

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