Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast: #5 - Steven Sagal-berg (Featuring Declan-Haven Dilla Rabin)


Happy New Year! We're live in-studio once more at Clint's palatial podcast laboratory, with the ever-adorable Declan Haven Dilla Rabin as our special guest!

To usher in 2018, we kvetch about everything from the toxic one-two punch of David Ayer's recent film output (Bright and Suicide Squad); reminisce about the heady days of Shia Labeouf's rise to stardom (and Harrison Ford's descent from it) with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; celebrate Steven Seagal's bafflingly hateful alt-right screed The Way of the Shadow Wolves; and much, much more. 

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3:05 - Scalding Hot Takes: Bright
18:06 - Lukewarm Takes: Suicide Squad
32:41 - Control Nathan and Clint: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
48:34 - Literature Society:  Steven Seagal's The Way of the Shadow Wolves
1:01:13 - 2018: A Look Ahead
1:11:35 - Mailbag
1:18:23 - Happy Places (w/special guest moppet Dex)

Nathan Rabin