Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #25: Andrew Dice Clay vs. Julian "Dice" Black (with Greg Sestero!)


Oh hai, Happy Casters! For this latest episode of Happy Cast, Nathan and Clint are thrilled to bring on Greg Sestero of The Room fame to talk Tommy Wiseau, contending with cult fame, and re-contextualizing their friendship in the form of their ambitious new collaboration Best F(r)iends!

Of course, we’ve also got some bigger fish to fry - Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga team up for A Star is Born, the ultimate Oscar-bait film that’s (to our surprise) is a lot better than its auteur marketing may suggest! In keeping with that tradition, we follow it up with another story of fractured musical fame with Mariah Carey’s obnoxiously overwrought Glitter. Go off the deep end and into the shallows with us!

8:11 - Scalding Hot Takes: A Star is Born
33:03 - Control Nathan and Clint: Glitter
51:08 - Best F(r)iends: An Interview with Greg Sestero (The Room)
1:15:46 - Podcast Recommendations (The Last Podcast on the Left, The Best Show with Tom Scharpling)
1:21:29 - Mailbag
1:25:06 - Happy Places

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