Introducing the Nathan Rabin's Happy Place Hammock Life


If someone were to ask me what Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place is I’d say that it’s a personal website from a longtime, seemingly unemployable pop culture writer that’s primarily about trash culture, particularly terrible movies, but also the music of American pop parodist “Weird Al” Yankovic, my seething hatred of Donald Trump, parenthood and of course my lifelong battle with mental illness, primarily in the form of Depression and Anxiety. 

If they were to wink at me theatrically and then ask what the website is really all about I would have no choice but to concede that while everything in the last paragraph is true, what Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place is really all about is that Hammock Life. 

What is the Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place Hammock Life all about? It’s about chillin’ the most as a lifestyle choice. It’s about living your life as if you are perpetually taking a nap in a hammock somewhere in Southern Florida, a Blue Hurricane in one hand, a fat-ass joint in the other, a copy of Jimmy Buffet’s Tales From Margaritaville in your lap, listening to Bob Marley’s greatest hits on a walkman on repeat.


The national anthem of Hammock Life is Bobby Mcferrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” No, we don’t see the song’s message as tongue-in-cheek or ironic. It’s a song about how you should be happy instead of worrying, and if you have a problem with that you’re probably some kind of college-boy know-it-all. 

To truly live the Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place Hammock Life you should be wearing beach wear from the 1980s or 1990s. Ocean Pacific and Ron Jon Surf Shop are both fine choices. Extra points for wearing a tee-shirt actually depicting someone in a hammock, although anything involving surf boards, skateboards and wacky anthropomorphic dogs or gorillas should suffice. Hawaiian shorts and tee shirts are also primo Hammock Life attire.

Spuds Mackenzie and Jimmy Buffett preside over the laid-back wonder of Hammock Life as supremely chill deities. 


Federal Bikini Inspectors are an important, if not essential component of the Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place Hammock Lifestyle. They perform an important service and can be recognized wearing novelty tee-shirts with the name of their jobs. 

In Hammock Life, it’s always five o clock somewhere, and consequently we don’t feel bad about binge-drinking at any time during the day and night, from early morning till late at night. And we don’t let killjoys and “haters” tell us that we’re using a party-hearty “beach” lifestyle as a sad, transparent cover for our debilitating alcoholism. We just like to drink, and if we destroy our lives and the lives of others in the process, well, that’s Hammock Life, baby! 

This guy gets it! #HammockLife #ChillinTheMost

This guy gets it! #HammockLife #ChillinTheMost

Hammock Life is what happens when 420 and 69 have a baby. It’s about life as a Permanent Vacation, not unlike the 1987 Aerosmith album Permanent Vacation. 


Hammock Life isn’t a catchphrase or a fad. It’s a lifestyle for people who chill as hard as they relax so if you think you can lead that that Hammock Life 24/7, then buddy are you ever in the right place! 

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