Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #26: Rolling on Mandy, Smoking Silver Shamrock (with Scott Weinberg)


Happy Halloween, ghouls and goblins! For our spook-tacular horror-themed episode of Happy Cast, we bring on 80s horror movie maverick Scott Weinberg (80s All Over) to take some evil, dark acid and wield overly-long chainsaws as we discuss the psychedelic Nic Cage slaughterfest Mandy!

Also, we bow to the whims of our Patrons and talk about the one-off anthology horror film Halloween III - Season of the Witch, and chat a bit about which horror remakes/reboots work, and when they work, and why! Strap on one of three possible Halloween masks available for purchase, sing the Silver Shamrock theme song, and give us a listen.

14:35 - Scalding Hot Takes: Mandy
47:09 - Control Nathan and Clint: Halloween III - Season of the Witch
1:08:32 -
Horror Remakes, Sequels and Reboots
1:29:54 - Podcast Recommendations (The Capital Steps Podcast, Gladiator, Friendly Fire)
1:35:09 - Mailbag
1:38:30 - Happy Places

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Theme Song by Jon Biegen