Talk Amongst Yourselves! Introducing the First Nathan Rabin's Happy Place Open Thread


One of the most satisfying elements of writing and running Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place, along with its sister Facebook group, Society for the Toleration of Nathan Rabin is that I’ve helped build a community of readers who don’t just communicate with me online but have relationships with each other as well. And I’m pleased to report that y’all are for the most part really nice and civil to each other and don’t behave like a bunch of ignorant, trolling jackasses. Needless to say, that is not the case everywhere. 

Because I like y’all so much this is the first ever Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place open thread. Yes, this is YOUR chance to shine by talking about whatever it is that you find most fascinating. I honestly don’t know that much about how open threads work, being new to the Internet and all, and also astonishingly stupid so here are some possible things for y’all to talk about:

Politics: What’s going on with all these clowns in Congress? 

Breaking Bad: Is it still on the air? If not, how come? 


MC Ren 

The films of “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan 

Who is the best Muppet? Which character on Sesame Street could get explicitly shanked to death in an episode without hurting the show?

But really, this is all about you and not the fact that it’s nine o’clock and I never stop working and my brain has completely run out of ideas for biogs. 

No, this is all about you. I want to know what’s going on with you, young person. Consider this a cyber “Rap session” where we’re chopping it up and talking about what’s REALLY important in life and not all this superficial bullshit like the Kardashians. And reality shows. And the cooking of Guy Fieri.


If this entry does well this could become a regular feature, although my ego would probably be a little bruised if the most popular feature on this site also required the least amount of work from me. 

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