So It's Come to This: Another Nathan Rabin's Happy Place Open Thread


Exactly two weeks ago something unexpected happened: I ran out of things to blog about. Weird, huh? Maybe it’s because I love writing so goddamn much but I almost never have writer’s block. I may not necessarily have something profound and important to share with readers for The Big Whoop every day (or four days a week) but usually I come up with something. 

In desperation I realized that I could turn the sour-ass lemons of not knowing what the fuck to write about into the sweet, sweet lemonade of community-building and commenter-empowering by turning every other Tuesday into an open thread for Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place readers. 

Oh, the things that happened during the first Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place open thread! Two readers got married. Four more got divorced. One lucky reader became the first person in recorded history to score a six-figure movie deal based on an offhanded comment on a modestly read personal pop culture website. 

So have it, you beautiful people! 

Do my work for me! Fill this website with beautiful, beautiful words and clever, passionate and empathetic conversation. Here are some more topics to kick things off: 

Ringo was the only essential Beatle, the others were just hangers-on

There’s something wrong with the President 

Could Seinfeld have been made in the 1990s? 

We’re all living in the world of the Friends spin-off Joey, with the curious exception of Matt LeBlanc, who is doomed to relive his experience filming the baseball movie Ed on a constant loop in a decidedly Groundhog Day type situation 


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