It's That Time Again! Open Thread!


Well, folks, it is officially a Tuesday in which we’re not running Spookthology of Terror, my obsessive exploration of the popular HBO horror anthology Tales from the Crypt, or Nathan Rabin’s Happy Cast so y’all know what that means: Open Thread! 

That’s right. This is YOUR time to shine. You can literally talk about anything in the comments as long as you’re not, you know, Nazis. Also, I don’t generally have to say this very often, but be nice. This is a nice place for nice people to talk about nice things, so if you’re a worthless piece of shit who just likes to start shit, kick rocks, pal! Your kind isn’t welcome here. 


If you’re looking for conversation starters: here’s a few: 

Why does it seem like everything good that people love ends, and ends prematurely? 

What’s going on?

Saturday Night Live: is it still on the air? A trip to Google could answer that question conclusively but I’m lazy to engage in that manner of net surfing. 

What the hell happened to pop culture media and can it be fixed? 

How come comedians don’t do say, “This guy knows what I’m talking about! This guy knows what I’m talking about! And this dude right over here, he definitely knows what I’m talking about!” anymore? It was a fun bit that illustrated that the comedian either possessed telekinetic powers or had such a powerful connection to his audience that he knew without having to ask that absolute strangers were on the same wavelength as him. 

Saturday Night Live? More like Saturday Night Dead

Rap? More like crap! 

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