Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #29 - The Ballad of the Bandit (with Adam Rifkin)


Howdy, listeners! This week, we’re thrilled to bring on writer-director Adam Rifkin to talk about his latest film, The Last Movie Star, which features the wonderful final performance of Burt Reynolds. Among other things, we talk to him about what it was like to craft a script for a movie icon and deal with the man’s legacy.

Before that, though, Nathan and Clint pull double duty by looking at the best and worst of the Coen brothers’ output: Netflix’s stunning The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and the Coen-written (and George Clooney-directed) misfire Suburbicon!

8:20 - Scalding Hot Takes: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

34:40 - Control Nathan and Clint: Suburbicon

51:57 - Adam Rifkin on Burt Reynolds and The Last Movie Star

1:20:56 - Podcast Recommendations (Analyze Phish, No Coast Cinema)

1:23:28 - Mailbag

1:30:28 - Happy Places

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