Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast Episode 9 - Tales from the Crypt Spook-tacular! (w/Elliott Kalan)


Greetings, all you ghosties and ghouls! For this special pod-aghast of Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast, we're de-fright-ed to welcome the one and bone-ly Elliott Kalan of The Flop House of Horrors, Monstery Mad Science Bleeder 3000: The Return and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

In this special hour-long segment, we bite into the bilious bag of bile that is the last three episodes of Tales from the Crypt's first season - "Only Sin Deep," "Lover Come Hack to Me," and "Collection Completed."

Before that, though, Nathan and Clint put on their capes and cowls to r-evil in the cultural moment of Marvel's Black Panther, and discuss one of its pre-curse-ors: 1994's black superhero comedy Blankman

05:19 - Scalding Hot Takes: Black Panther
24:14 - Control Nathan and Clint:  Blankman
40:56 - Tales from the Crypt Season 1 Spooktacular (with special guest Elliott Kalan)
01:46:03 - Mailbag
01:55:20 - Happy Places

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