Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast Episode 10: Apes, Trucks and Africa (w/Mike Sacks)


We're going ape on Happy Cast this week, as Stinker Lets Loose! author Mike Sacks joins us for a triple feature of monkey mayhem - Clint Eastwood's cult trucker/monkey saga Every Which Way But Loose, the execrable Golan-Globus comedy Going Bananas, and a deep dive into the legacy of Stinker Lets Loose! and the nature of novelizations.

But first, Nathan and Clint go on an angry deep dive into Eli Roth's angry, lazy retread of Death Wish, starring an increasingly turtle-esque Bruce Willis!

2:16 - Scalding Hot Takes: Death Wish
21:14 - Every Which Way But Loose (w/Mike Sacks)
45:14 - Control Nathan and Clint: Going Bananas
1:04:46 - Stinker Lets Loose! (w/Mike Sacks)
1:19:01 - Happy Places

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