Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast Episode 11: Ruth Gordon Is a Sexual Being (w/Eric Szyszka of We Hate Movies)


The monkey business never stops on Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast, as Nathan and Clint go ape for the second movie where Clint Eastwood drinks with a pet orangutan, 1980's Any Which Way You Can! Along the way, we pick up a friend - We Hate Movies' Eric Szyszka - to talk about ape torture, overly sexualized Ruth Gordons, and the erotic power of a good '70s mustache. 

That's not all: Nathan and Clint break down the dire direct-to-Netflix action comedy Game Over, Man!; gush over the cult 80s film that celebrates both tae kwon do and friendship, Miami Connection; and do a dramatic reading of one of Nathan's...wordier comments on his Boondock Saints II review. Right turn, Clyde!

4:30 - A Dramatic Reading of A Particularly Ribald Comment from Nathan's Boondock Saints II Review
14:53 - Scalding Hot Takes: Game Over, Man!
32:28 - Control Nathan Rabin 4.0: Miami Connection
51:23 - Any Which Way You Can (w/Eric Szyszka of We Hate Movies)
1:28:42 - Mailbag
1:36:12 - Happy Places

Plus, check out this brilliant Troy Daffy fan art (drawn by André Valente, colored by Felipe Sobreiro)!

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