Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #13: Never the Dwayne Shall Meet (with Brock Wilbur!)


Howdy, Happy Placers! To celebrate our six-month anniversary of Happy Cast (and the one-year anniversary of Happy Place), Nathan and Clint bring on friend and collaborator Brock Wilbur - the man who brought ethics to video game journalism himself! Together, we talk about two disastrous video game movies: the Rock-tastic disaster porn tentpole Rampage and, as per the wishes of our mighty Patrons, the 1994 high-kicking dystopia Double Dragon

Along the way, we grill Brock about the latest happenings with the Knife of Aristotle and NXIVM, our upcoming book on the video game Postal, and Uwe Boll's unquenched desire to punch Alex Jones in the face. Enjoy, won't you?

9:24 - Scalding Hot Takes: Rampage
31:35 - Control Nathan and Clint: Double Dragon
51:32 - The Knife of Aristotle and the Fate of NXIVM
1:11:01 - Uwe Boll, Alex Jones, and The Punching of Faces
1:25:46 - Mailbag
1:30:53 - Happy Places

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