Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #19: Pee-Wee's Big Avengers


Nathan and Clint go it alone for the latest Happy Cast, as we celebrate the Paul Ruddnaissance with a long-overdue discussion of Marvel's latest cog in the cinematic universe machine, Ant-Man and the Wasp! Plus, we talk about the mid-aughts Rudd rom-com Over Her Dead Body, discuss the superhero sequels that are actually better than their originals, and figure out which films we'd recast with the Muppets.

5:08 - Scalding Hot Takes: Ant-Man and the Wasp
24:36 - Control Nathan and Clint: Over Her Dead Body
50:27 - Superhero Sequels That Actually Work
1:08:10 - Podcast Recommendations
1:13:07 - Recasting Movies With Muppets
1:14:55 - Happy Places

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