Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #20: New Unicorn, Who Dis?


This week, we're dangling off helicopters and running at full speed, desperately trying to catch up to Tom Cruise's tiny, ageless form in Mission Impossible: Fallout. Also, we look back at a younger, Chiclet-toothed Tom Cruise as the elfen lead in Ridley Scott's Lisa Frank-esque fantasy picture Legend. Along the way, we make Mad Libs out of press releases for the band Florida Georgia Line, discuss the James Gunn outrage, and lament the impending collapse of paid culture criticism!

7:15 - Scalding Hot Takes: Mission Impossible: Fallout
33:00 - Control Nathan and Clint: Legend
58:00 - Florida Georgia Line Mad Libs & The Nature of Failure
1:15:50 - Podcast Recommendations (The Long Shot, Spirits Podcast)
1:21:19 - Mailbag
1:27:37 - Happy Places

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