Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #21: My Phirst Phish Show (with Amy Nicholson!)


This week, we get down with the swing-for-the-fences joints of Spike Lee! Film critic extraordinaire Amy Nicholson (of the podcasts The Canon and Unspooled) joins us to talk about his latest, BlacKkKlansman, and her experiences attending her first Phish show.

Meantime, we go it alone to answer the clarion call of our Patrons, as we suffer through nearly two and a half hours of ham-fisted social commentary and not-so-subtle misogyny with Lee's 2004 misfire She Hate Me! (You know, the one where Falcon lends his magical spermies to dozens of willing lesbians, also remember Enron?)

5:25 - Scalding Hot Takes: BlacKkKlansman
34:59 - Control Nathan and Clint: She Hate Me
5:20 - Amy's Phirst Phish Concert
1:13:24 - Podcast Recommendations (Unspooled, Beyond Yacht RockHistory Honeys)
1:17:57 - Mailbag
1:24:20 - Happy Places

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