Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #24 - The Gary Busey Origin Story


This week, Nathan and Clint are two ugly motherfuckers trying to catch some prey in an unforgiving world, as we talk about two different entries in the Predator franchise! First, we break down what Clint hated (and Nathan found not so bad) about Shane Black’s latest, messiest entry in the series. Then, we take a time warp back to the far-flung future of 1997 Los Angeles for the deeply racist, yet shockingly entertaining Predator 2!

From there, we finally hash out the question that has plagued the Internet for the last two decades: Why are remakes? And what purpose do they serve?

Show Notes:
Clint’s interview with Predator 2 director Stephen Hopkins about Judgment Night

6:04 - Scalding Hot Takes: The Predator
36:50 - Control Nathan and Clint: Predator 2
59:16 - Sequels, Remakes and Reboots
1:13:52 - Podcast Recommendations (Dr. Death, Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project)
1:19:42 - Mailbag
1:26:51 - Happy Places

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