Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #32: Ernest Builds a House


Now that the joy of the new year has passed, and we’ve all forgotten our resolutions, it’s time for a Happy Cast that is decidedly less happy! This week, Nathan and Clint go for a double-dose of arthouse didacticism with indie provocateur Lars Von Trier. First, we break down the upsetting misanthropy of his latest, The House That Jack Built; then we take a trip back to 2006 to watch his computer-shot, computer-cut workplace comedy The Boss of It All.

Then, for a nice change of pace we talk about Kevin Spacey’s deeply misguided in-character diss track “Let Me Be Frank” - including a dramatic reading from Clint by way of one of Spacey’s many over-hyped impressions. Let’s dig down into hell together and come out the other side, more warped than ever!

7:33 - Scalding Hot Takes: The House That Jack Built
33:22 - Lukewarm Takes: The Boss Of It All
48:05 - Let Me Be Frank, Kevin Spacey, and #MeToo Forgiveness
1:12:13 - Podcast Recommendations (More of a Comment, Really…, Broken Hearts)
1:16:44 - Mailbag
1:20:45 - Happy Places

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