Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #36 - Selena the Middle-Aged Witch


This week on the pod, Nathan and Clint strap on their big Feminist Ally hats and dig into the latest Marvel movie Captain Marvel, political context and all! And, just for balance, we take a look back at the last time a women fell to Earth from space wearing a red, yellow and blue outfit - 1984’s camptastic slog Supergirl.

Tracking the trends of female-led superhero movies from their ignominious beginning to finding their feet in the modern era, we get reflective on the cultural trends that led the prospect of “good superhero movie starring a woman” to become so controversial. Plus jokes about Hart Bochner being a big dumb beefcake!

5:20 - Scalding Hot Takes: Captain Marvel
30:05 - My World of Flops: Supergirl
56:29 - The Politicization of Superhero Movies
1:11:36 - Podcast Recommendations (Hardcore History Pro, Let’s Get Weirding: A Dune Podcast)
1:14:39 - Mailbag
1:22:14 - Happy Places

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