Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #37 - A Rat King of Old Penises


What about love?
What about trust?
What about (Jordan Peele’s) US?

This week on the podcast, Nathan and Clint pull the most dastardly double feature - Us, Jordan Peele’s blood-curdling followup to Get Out, and Rob Reiner’s equally bone-chilling disaster The Story of Us, starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer! Both films are about families besieged by surprisingly internal threats - Peele’s by sinister doppelgangers who compellingly stand in for a variety of societal and cultural tensions, Reiner’s by endless sitcom whining about kids and cheating and all the Capital-P Problems expected of all well-off white folks. Guess which one doesn’t suck? The answer won’t surprise you!

Nathan also chimes in on the runaway success of his recent Kickstarter for the book version of The Weird Accordion to Al, and the truckloads of money we’d love for you to send us either via Kickstarter or Patreon!

3:27 - Scalding Hot Takes: Us
33:27 - Lukewarm Takes: The Story of Us
52:51 - The Weird Accordion to Al Kickstarter 2.0: Re-Loaded!
1:01:37 - Happy Places

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