It Turns Out There's a Small, Young Kind of Dog Called a Puppy and I Am Officially Obsessed!

You’re probably familiar with an animal known as dogs. You know, man’s best friend and all. They’re pretty much the cutest things ever.


I mean, take a look at this Labradoodle! It must be John Green because it is making me feel all the feels!


I thought nothing could top dogs for straight-up adorableness when I made an astonishing discovery


It turns out there’s a small, young kind of dog called a puppy that’s even cuter than the full-grown version! I know, it’s a lot to take in! I’ll give you a minute.


You thought a full-grown Labradoodle is cute? They’re sentient piles of feces compared to the puppy version.


Don’t mind me. I’ll just be having a cuteness-induced heart attack.


Here’s a picture of a puppy:


Here’s another puppy.


Tired of looking at pictures of puppies yet? We thought not. Here’s another cutie


It turns out they’ve made movies starring these love bugs. A LOT of movies. There are over four thousand movies in the Air Bud series alone!


Puppies are so cute I can hardly stand it! Here’s a gif of a puppy with a young, small cat.


Wait a minute: what if the small, young cat in that last photo is the cat version of a puppy? This DEMANDS closer investigation. I may have to head over to a pet store for a little “hands on” research, if you catch my drift. #Petting. #OMG


So yeah, in conclusion, puppies are a thing and they’re pretty much the best.


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