Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #38 - Billy Batson, Cum Machine (with Insane Ian!)

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It’s silly cape movies for little babies this week, as pop culture musical parodist Insane Ian joins Nathan and Clint this week to talk about a couple kid-friendly superhero movies - DCEU’s recent (and surprisingly solid) Shazam!, and Disney’s mid-aughts superhero/high school comedy Sky High. Plus, we talk with Ian about “Weird Al” Yankovic’s influence on his music, and what makes him just so neat. (And why you should pledge to Nathan’s Kickstarter for The Weird Accordion to Al in the final days of the campaign!)

6:14 - Scalding Hot Takes: Shazam!
32:40 - Control Nathan and Clint: Sky High
51:09 - Ian Talks “Weird” Al
1:13:56 - Mailbag
1:20:25 - Happy Places

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