Donald Trump: Guilty as Sin


Seeing the ghoulish likes of Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump Jr. and the rest of the Deplorables gloating about the Mueller Report exonerating Trump in every conceivable sense, rendering him innocent forever in the eyes of the Lord and the American people is like listening to a Ted Bundy fan insist that because the prolific late serial killer was not found guilty on every single charge against him he was consequently innocent. 

Here’s the thing: I don’t have a righteous, bone-deep, soul-consuming hatred of Donald Trump because I think he conspired with the Russians to rig the 2016 election. That shit honestly has never really mattered to me. As far as I am concerned, the Russia stuff is nothing more than a symptom of the soul-sickness and grotesque amorality at the core of Donald Trump, his administration and his worldview. 

In order to execute a conspiracy you need certain things. You need a group of conspirators capable of the secrecy, coordination, discipline and self-control required to operate effectively in the shadows. That, obviously, is not Donald Trump and his administration. They have famously proved themselves to be a singularly ill-qualified, incompetent assemblage of idiots, dullards, crooks and opportunists seemingly incapable of successfully executing anything, let working furtively with a foreign superpower to subvert democracy. 

If Trump’s administration did not collude with Russia, which is still a very huge if despite Trump’s exceedingly loud, exceedingly wrong claims to have been completely exonerated by the Report, that’s probably because they’re too fucking stupid and undisciplined to do so. 

Yet Trump will tell anyone and everyone that the Mueller Report–the author of whom he railed angrily against for something like two solid years, frothing at the mouth with rage and deeply personal hatred of the grim professional whose character, intelligence and patriotism he was continually insulting—completely exonerates him, his family, and his administration from any guilt regarding Russia collusion. 


But it goes beyond that. Trump clearly believes that the Mueller Report, which even Attorney General William Barr has acknowledged explicitly does not exonerate Trump, not only completely exonerates him from colluding with Russia but also exonerates him in pretty much every respect as well.

Barr’s Summary of the Mueller Report feeds into Trump’s vision of himself as a maverick hero beset at all sides by swamp creatures out to preserve the status quo who see him as a threat to their very existence and way of life. 

Trump got away with being caught on tape bragging about grabbing women by the pussy. He’s gotten away with all manner of egregious, transparent lies. Lying is such a core element of his brand that his followers would probably become worried and distressed if he started speaking truthfully. So it sure seems like he’ll get away with claiming that the Report completely exonerates him when it clearly does not.


I ultimately don’t fucking care whether there’s enough evidence to indict Trump on Russian collusion because the motherfucker is guilty of so many other crimes and transgressions. He’s guilty of making our country an uglier, angrier, more violent and divided place. He’s guilty of taking White Nationalism mainstream. He’s guilty of inspiring a huge upsurge in hate crimes. He’s guilty of empowering Nazis and hateful bigots. He’s guilty of degrading the office of the Presidency. He’s guilty of a whole bunch of other shit as well. 


It ultimately doesn’t fucking matter about Russia because on an existential level that motherfucker is guilty. Guilty as sin. Guilty of countless sins. He may not receive his punishment here in this lifetime but it’s worth believing in a Higher Power if only for the sake of an eternity in hell for Donald Trump, preferably in the company of his entire administration and a big old chunk of his supporters. 

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