Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #40: Saving Private Raichu (with Mike Sacks)


Pika-pika, listeners! This week, we Pokemon Go to the theater for the unabashedly adorable, incredibly opaque Pokemon Detective Pikachu, with acclaimed author and humorist Mike Sacks in tow. Together, we attempt to unpack a movie intended for a far younger age group than ours, while pairing it with another movie featuring Ryan Reynolds talking through the mouth of an animal — Marjane Satrapi’s fascinating black comedy The Voices.

Along the way, we talk to Mike about his latest project, the Stitcher Premium series Randy: The Full and Complete Unedited Biography and Memoir of the Amazing Life and Times of Randy S.! , based on some books and CDs he happened to find at a garage sale.

(Over on the Happy Cast Patreon, we also debut the first entry in our Raspberries in Review segment, where we break down one Razzie winner for every year of its existence - starting with 1980’s Worst Original Song winner “The Man With Bogart’s Face”!)

7:59 - Scalding Hot Takes: Pokemon Detective Pikachu
30:21 - Control Nathan and Clint: The Voices
51:58 - Mike Sacks on Randy!, Internet Outrage, and Political Humor in the Age of Trump
1:12:9 - Happy Places

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