Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #43 - The McConaughey Cinematic Universe


All right, all right, all right listeners, throw on some crusty jorts and dig your bongo out of storage - it’s a McConnaissance double feature over here on the Happy Cast!

This week, Nathan and Clint take a look at the wild-eyed movie star’s most recent, most baffling role choices - brooding tuna fisherman/gigolo/Double Indemnity-style murderer in Serenity, and the hedonistic, blazed-out poet Moondog in Harmony Korine’s stoner comedy(?) The Beach Bum.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re certainly effective conduits for Matthew McConaughey’s particular brand of grimy, sleazebag philosophizing - as if he has simply become the guy from those Lincoln commercials, but with a dress code that would get him kicked out of any Lincoln dealership.

(Contains spoilers for Serenity, a film whose twists are so incredibly insane that we highly recommend you go in blind, so feel free to skip that segment until you’ve seen it.)

9:20 - My World of Flops: Serenity
26:37 - My World of Flops: The Beach Bum
48:28 - Happy Places

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