Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #45 - Get Me Nancy Travis! (with Alonso Duralde)


All right ramblers, let’s get rambling - Nathan and Clint are riding into town on their ‘69 Road Runner, listening to old-school surf rock and dropping ‘60s TV references like nobody’s business in our Tarantino-stuffed Happy Cast! Critic Alonso Duralde (The Wrap, Linoleum Knife, Who Shot Ya?, Breakfast All Day) joins us to talk about QT’s latest, a sun-soaked elegy for Old Hollywood as riotously stylish as it is frustratingly old-fashioned in its ideas. Did we love it? Did we hate it? Did we love it despite it having a bunch of stuff we know we should hate? Listen and find out!

Also, we recalibrate our barometer for what constitutes Bad Tarantino by checking out the 1995 Sundance flop Destiny Turns on the Radio, the one Tarantino knockoff in a bajillion that actually featured Tarantino in a starring role as….God, I think?

5:39 - Scalding Hot Takes: Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood
39:55 -
My World of Flops: Destiny Turns on the Radio
1:01:05 - Mailbag
1:05:03 - Happy Places

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