It Is a Golden Age for Sweet, Sweet "Weird Al" Yankovic Merch!


One of the many nice aspects of hitching your professional wagon to the perpetually shooting star that is “Weird Al” Yankovic is that there’s always something exciting and fun happening in his world. 

This is a particularly exciting and eventful time to be “Weird Al” Yankovic, a “Weird Al” Yankovic super-fan or a “Weird Al” Yankovic super-fan currently deep into the process of writing your second book about the man and his music. “My Bologna” was recently featured on both the third season of Stranger Things and its soundtrack. In celebration Al has brought back the In 3-D tee shirt featured on the cult throwback hit.

But there’s so much more to Al’s current multi-media assault on the hearts and pocketbooks of fans. In connection with the much ballyhooed 30th anniversary of UHF, the film that defined the “Weird Al” Yankovic generation, the good folks over at Frights-Rags have released an awesome series of officially licensed UHF tee-shirts. My favorite, a Spatula City design, has already sold out and I’m guessing the other shirts won’t be available for much longer either. 


Al is of course currently gallivanting about the country with his symphonic “Strings Attached” tour.  In each city, people who’ve purchased the VIP package get a unique poster created for that specific show by a coterie of profoundly gifted pop-culture artists. The poster illustrations are available as tee-shirts on Al’s site but the poster themselves were only available to VIPs

Here are some of my favorite of the many posters created specifically for the tour. 

Weird Al String Attached Pittsburgh poster final.png

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention my favorite piece of awesome “Weird Al” Yankovic memorabilia: the Weird Accordion to Al book, which is available for pre-order over at along with other neat exclusive merch, like a tee shirt and original illustrations of y’all with Al from Felipe Sobreiro, who did the cover and will be doing the illustrations for the book.


As an Al collector myself, with a modest but tasteful shrine to the man in my office, I think I would be excited about the mere existence of something like the Weird Accordion to Al book even if I were not its author. 


Yes, it’s a great time to be a big “Weird Al” Yankovic fan. Then again, when has that not been the case? 

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