Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #47: This Ain't It, Commander-in-Chief (with Brock Wilbur)


What do Lance Reddick, disgruntled military contractors and black presidents under deadly threat have in common? They’re all contained in both films we’re talking about in this week’s podcast — Angel Has Fallen (the latest in the “Gerard Butler kicks ass FOR AMERICA” series) and 2013’s White House Down, aka the silly Die Hard in the White House film that should have gotten a trilogy. Give us Action Fantasy Obama, goddamnit!

To join us on this patriotic journey through films that exist in that strange universe where we were still concerned with the President’s welfare, we bring along Brock Wilbur (of Crooked Media and a bazillion other podcasts) to break down these intriguing cultural artifacts. Plus, more Nick Nolte impressions than you can possibly handle!

6:54 - Scalding Hot Takes: Angel Has Fallen
31:01 - My World of Flops: White House Down
59:47 - Happy Places

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