The Slaughtered Innocent are Restless


When the innocent are slaughtered, they lose their lives but not their voices. 

The slaughtered innocent cannot speak but they can scream. They can howl. They can roar with meaning and purpose and furious intention from beyond the grave.

The slaughtered innocent are restless. They are weary. They cannot rest, cannot find peace. 

The slaughtered innocent want the living to know that their violent, grisly deaths will forever be an acceptable, inevitable price to pay for the freedom to hunt deer and rabbits with assault rifles 

The slaughtered innocent know that guns and ammunition are sacred and holy, tools given to us by our Creator to be used only for hunting and self-defense. The sinister outside forces of video games, violent movies, mental illness and a lack of Jesus and respect for the flag and authority are what corrupt these perfect, Godly vessels, that make them monstrous and murderous, evil and deadly. 

The slaughtered innocent are screaming into the corridors of power. They want the men and women who make the laws and rule our imperfect Republic to think not of them, their suffering, their deaths or the endless, soul-consuming suffering of the people who loved them but rather of their own political futures, of their approval ratings and re-election chances. 


The slaughtered innocent want leaders to continue to genuflect themselves before the awesome power of the NRA and the Second Amendment, to think not of them or their blood-soaked deaths but rather of the delicate, easily bruised emotions and outsized egos of people who love guns more than they love their fellow man, more than they love goodness and right and light.

The slaughtered innocent want you to know that there is no urgency to solving this problem, that there is no problem, that an endless string of mass shootings is less a flaw than a feature of everyday life in Donald Trump’s America. 

The slaughtered innocent want to make perfectly clear that these things simply happen and that there is absolutely nothing that can be done about them so why bother trying? 

The voices of the slaughtered innocent want compromise, cowardice, capitulation, empty words married to hollow gestures. 

Clearly you HAVE been listening. 

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