Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #49: Netflix: Movies You Can Watch While Doing Your Laundry


Amid a slow week at the cinema, amongst stuffy English TV lords and sad Brad dads in space, Nathan and Clint decided to stay on the couch this week and check out some of the streaming-only offerings on the old Net of Flix? Did you know you can watch movies on your computer now? Instantly? For a subscription? Wild!

This episode, we’re offering up an anti-comedy double feature with two stars who disappear into unlikable personas of themselves. First, there’s Between Two Ferns: The Movie, in which Zach Galifianakis leverages his Funny or Die sketch series into a Wayne’s World-esque road trip through a bevy of hilariously uncomfortable celebrity interviews. Then we dive deeper into the wacky world of method acting with Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond, in which Jim Carrey recounts the time he disappeared into the role of Andy Kaufman for Man on the Moon, and generally made an ass out of himself. Enjoy!

8:06 - Between Two Ferns: The Movie
32:12 - Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond
53:42 - Mailbag
1:00:48 - Happy Places

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