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Exploiting our Archives, Paternity Leave Edition: Women Hating Women: The Toxic Anti-Feminism of Self-Help Guru Marabel Morgan

The fascinatingly, poignantly terrible anti-feminist Marabel Morgan wrote the best-selling non-fiction book of 1974 in The Total Woman (with some ten million copies in print) and appeared on the cover of both Time and Mrs. Why has she been forgotten and why do her ideas suddenly feel so horrifyingly contemporary?

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Exploiting the Archives: Lukewarm Takes # 1 Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Nathan Rabin's new column on the blockbusters that have come out since he left film criticism begins with Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice and an extended meditation on film criticism and mommy blogging. It's long and emotional and funny and goofy and just read it, please.

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Exploiting the Archives Week preview: Is this going to work? An introduction

Hello! Welcome to the official first day of Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place! I want to make it a nice place to escape the inexorable horror of contemporary life. If everyday existence in Donald Trump’s America increasingly resembles Orwell’s description of the future as “a boot stamping on a human face - forever”, then this will hopefully be a pleasant place to enjoy a laugh, forget your troubles, geek out about semi-obscure “Weird Al” songs and not have your skull stomped on even once, let alone for eternity. And I would of course love it if you would help keep this site afloat by contributing to its Patreon page at

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