Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast #22: It's-a Me, Mario Van Peebles-a!


This week, Nathan and Clint follow Tracy Jordan's credo of "live every week like it's Shark Week" by talking about two toothsome shark movies - Jason Statham's cheese-fest The Meg and the film that bought Michael Caine a very nice house, Jaws: The Revenge.

Along the way, we catch up to the James Gunn scandal and the bad faith actors of the alt right, answer some mailbags and recommend some pods! Put on your shark-fin hats, slap in your earbuds, and enjoy. 

4:49 - Scalding Hot Takes: The Meg
27:05 - Control Nathan and Clint: Jaws: The Revenge
49:53 - James Gunn and the Death of Context
1:03:08 - Podcast Recommendations (Punch Up the JamThe Dungeon Rats)
1:06:27 - Mailbag
1:12:35 - Happy Places

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