Donald Trump Essentially Accused the Clintons of Murdering Jeffrey Epstein Via Retweet. We Shouldn't Let That Slide


In the aftermath of Jeffrey Epstein’s deeply suspicious suicide, Donald Trump re-tweeted conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams’ “Died on 24/7 SUICIDE WATC? Yeah right? How does that happen #JefferyEpstein had information on Bill Clinton & now he’s dead I see #TrumpBodyCount trending but we know who did this! RT if you’re not Surprised #EpsteinSuicide #ClintonBodyCount #ClintonCrimeFamily”

In case the implication of the controversial tweet is unclear, this gentleman was accusing Bill and/or Hilary Clinton of having a notorious pedophile killed in prison as a way of covering up their many horrible crimes, some undoubtedly related to their vigorous secret lives as pedophiles and prolific sex traffickers of children. 

Donald Trump is not a subtle or sophisticated man so he probably thought the conspiratorial post that he re-tweeted was being sly and clever by not outright saying BILL CLINTON (SLEAZY) AND CROOKED HILLARY (LOST BY A LOT! RAN A LOUSY CAMPAIGN!) MURDERED HORNY JEFFY EPSTEIN IN PRISON. MADE IT LOOK LIKE SUICIDE! BAD AND SAD! POLICE MUST INVESTIGATE! MAGA!

One of Trump’s favorite tics is to conspiratorially announce that “people are saying”, or “some people are saying” horrible, vicious, deeply personal things about Trump’e enemies and opponents.

Name a more iconic duo!

Name a more iconic duo!

This deeply disingenuous rhetorical device creates at least the appearance that Trump himself isn’t saying awful, hurtful things about his many personal and political nemeses, merely circulating important, provocative information the Fake News media will not share because they are hopelessly biased in favor of the Left.

A retweet is the social media equivalent of “some people are saying.” A retweet just repeats the words and opinions of someone else in a way that strongly implies that you agree with the post you’re retweeting. That’s why people include “retweets are not endorsements” in their bios; because without that caveat people naturally assume that if you retweet something that means you think it’s such an awesome tweet that you want to share it with all of your followers.

Now imagine that Obama retweeted an article from one of his followers that George W. Bush killed a guy in a bar fight in college but his dad covered it up.

Could you imagine the outrage? The calls for Obama to resign and apologize to the Bush family and leave the public sphere permanently would be deafening.

Every Democrat would be asked to angrily renounce Obama’s baseless assertions or risk profound, lasting political damage.

Needless to say, that’s not how Trump’s indirect but unmistakable accusations against the Clintons are playing out.


People are disgusted but not surprised by Trump’s retweet because baselessly and irresponsibly accusing enemies of committing horrible crimes without any proof, then refusing to apologize when his words were proven glaringly untrue is one of Trump’s trademark toxic tactics.

Trump paved the way for his presidency by spending 8 years falsely accusing Obama of being a foreign-born imposter and fraud who lied his way into becoming our first African-American President

Then he declared that Mexicans were sending over rapists, drug dealers, murderers and gang members in the speech announcing his candidacy for our top office.

During the ensuing campaign he relentlessly sold the idea that Hilary Clinton should be imprisoned for her many crimes, including the worst, most unforgivable crime of all: deleting emails. It was never entirely clear what exactly was so bad about those emails, or deleting them, but that didn’t seem to matter: Trump pointed an angry, accusatory finger at an enemy and his base ate it up, transforming “Lock her up!” into a popular rallying cry.

Then Trump insisted, once again without evidence or cause, that Obama was spying on him.


So it’s not surprising that Trump is using a retweet to accuse his colleagues the Clintons of ordering an assassination to cover up their sex crimes but it is fucking disgusting, and I should point out that I’m no fan of the Clintons. I think Bill is a fucking pig and dirty as hell with this Epstein business but to publicly accuse him of adding one more corpse to the #ClintonBodyCount is appallingly irresponsible even by Trump’s low, low standards.

This is not normal. This is not acceptable. Then again, with Trump, what is?

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